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The Main Villa

In addition to hosting receptions and events, Tenuta Corbinaia occasionally offers the possibility of renting the Villa for an unforgettable stay in the name of elegance and relaxation.

The Villa can be rented exclusively for both event guests, than for a holiday in maximum privacy  immersed in the luxury and greenery of Tuscany. 

The Villa is the flagship of Tenuta Corbinaia.

Every corner, every room reserves continuous wonders for the eyes: from the small piece of furniture, to the bed curtains, to the paintings on the walls, in an elegant arrangement where nothing is left to chance.

A place full of elegance, history, authenticity.

The Villa's halls




Located inside the main villa, our rooms and suites in the villa are furnished with unique furniture, precious fabrics and original paintings. A perfect blend of tradition and design, they offer suggestive views of the Tuscan hills and the gardens of the estate. 

The Villa's bedrooms

The Corbinaia suite

The Corbinaia suite has been studied in every detail.

Unique furnishing elements, the preciousness of the fabrics, the refined color accords and the romantic conversation corners,  make a night in the suite simply an unforgettable experience that revives, in modernity, the ancient flavors of the past.

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