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Our Winery

Tenuta Corbinaia can be aptly described as a "Boutique Winery." The estate's primary focus lies in crafting a limited number of top-tier wine labels, all while upholding the genuine essence of Chianti and striving to produce intricately detailed bottles with a distinct character.

In 2019, Corbinaia successfully concluded its extensive transformation from conventional to organic farming methods, ensuring the production of sustainable products that honor the integrity of the land.




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Our Organic wines

The wines of Tenuta Corbinaia express elegance and territorial identity.

Native vines such as Sangiovese are cultivated together with international varieties such as Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay, giving life to unique labels that tell the authenticity of Tenuta Corbinaia.

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Chianti DOCG


Viacorbinaia is made exclusively from Sangiovese and embodies all the characteristics of the most famous Chianti grape variety. 

The soft but decisive taste, together with the brilliant ruby colour, make it a perfect interpreter of the Tuscan tradition.


Chianti Riserva DOCG

Refinement, harmony and softness


Delirante is a Chianti reserve DOCG, well structured and condenses the characteristics of the area.

With the addition of Merlot, the bottle achieves an unparalleled elegance. 

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Syrah di Toscana IGT 

Vittoriano is a Syrah with great structure with fresh and vibrant fruit notes. 

It is part of "The excellences of Tenuta Corbinaia":

a velvety and opulent redto, which often expresses itself at its best after a couple of years of refinement in the bottle.


Toscana IGT​


The best grapes from the best vineyards give life to Corbinaia, the main wine of the estate. 


The expression of the greatest possible elegance combined with a natural affinity, complexity and structure. 

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Chardonnay di Toscana IGT

Fragrant and aromatic


Sobleblanc is made exclusively from Chardonnay,

an elegant wine that ages incredibly well.


Sobleblanc ages only in French barriques and is produced in limited series. 

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